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Jet Fuel Equipment and Jet Fuel Quality Control

  Into-plane fueling equipment.

Velcon filters
Ground support equipment.

Into-plane fueling and fuel QC material.

Jet fuel equipment for all stages

We are  a specialized Technical Supplier of Jet Fueling  Equipment . We maintain a large inventory of spare parts to help satisfy our Domestic & International Customers.  We maintain an experienced Sales Staff that will continue to strive for improved customer satisfaction while providing "sole Sourcing" of products and staying competitively priced in the industry. FBO´s are welcome to call.

Six pack microseparometer. Aviation fueling hose. Shell water detector. Aviation fuel nozzles.           Aviation Fuel Quality Control. Shell water detector. Aviation fueling hose.

          Six pack microseparometer. Aviation fueling hose. Shell water detector. Aviation fuel nozzles.
     Military grounding clamp
Aviation grounding reels

comDedicated to Aircraft refueling hoses, aviation fuel nozzles and aviation refueling spare parts

Aircraft refueling hose
Aircraft refueling hose. 

 Jac Riser.  Aviation fuel suction hose.


Below: Shell water detector.  Video .

Aviation fuel quality control

 This section covers all of the products associated with the safe storage and distribution of quality jet fuel at all major airports for the commercial and military aviation industry. Recognized industry inspection procedures and safety checks of jet fuel
are required to efficiently help minimize introduction of contaminated or unacceptable jet fuel from being delivered to airline aircraft.
The listing of products in this specific section will help the user conform to industry standards for all of his aviation fueling operations.

Aviation Fuel Quality Control. Shell water detector. Aviation fueling hose.

Fuel sampling canFuel sampling cans

  Static grounding reels

Static grounding reel pictures
PDF File of static grounding reels

Jet Fuel Equipment. Jet fuel equip. Jet fuel quality control. Aviation Fuel Equipment. Shell water detector. Shell water detector kits. FBO supplies

Click on picture  Prist in 20 Oz cans


Aircraft refueling  equipment

We are specialists in the field of jet fueling. Please consult with us.

Jet fuel equipment for refineries,fuel terminals,and airports.Quaity control material for jet fuel at all its different stages; from the refinery until the aircraft refueliing system.

Jet Fuel Filter
Fuel labels

  Fuel meters

Fuel nozzles (overwing and underwing)

Fuel reels

6-Pack Micro Separometer Kit

Jet fuel valves



Jac Riser. Fuel suction hose.


more information

Fuel sample shipping container.
PDF file. Fuel sample containers
Fuel Quality Control

Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)
Jet Fuel Additive
Prist. Ready to ship.

Distributing the
Shell Water Detector
for the USA, the Caribbean and
Latin America

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Shell Water Detector. Video page

SWD - Shell Water Detector. 

Youtube  video of the Shell water Detector.
and other videos in our Youtube channel

Product Id: 10025. The Shell water detector.

The Shell Water Detector (also seen in our Shell Water Detector Kits) is a device for determining the presence of finely dispersed undissolved water in jet fuels
at concentrations lower than those normally detectable by visual examination. Water dispersions of this type can result from the emulsification of a water/fuel mixture during
pumping or from precipitation of dissolved water due to a
fail in fuel temperature. Watch the instructions for use in the Shell Water Detector Video above.
Shell Water Detector - 8 steps procedure
Shell is a trademark of Shell Oil Company


SPECIAL "EPOXY COATED" S/S BUCKET -fuel sample buckets

Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks

 Velcon filters


 Aviation fuel filters
   LC fuel meters

          Six pack Micro-Separometer Kit


A box containing 6 Test Kits, commonly known as a "Six Pack" . Expendables for a single test are vacuum packed in each Test Kit. A container of distilled water is also included in each Six Pack. WATER SEPARATION CHARACTERISTIC, FREE WATER AND PARTICULATE TESTING (ASTM Standard Test Methods D 3948 & D 4860) For quality control purposes, water separation characteristics of fuels are rated to determine the amount of surface active materials (surfactants) present in jet and diesel fuels. Surfactants degrade the performance of filter separators used to remove water from the fuel.

SPECIAL "EPOXY COATED" S/S BUCKET -fuel sample buckets



and Recertification Services.
Certified equipment
Master Thermomters
Master Thermo/Hydrometers
Master Gauges
Gauging Tapes/Plumb Bobs
Recalibrated equipment
Torque Wrenches
Gas Meters ( confined space)
Recalibrated master gauge
Conductivity meter


Fuel equip.Closed circuit sampler-he Visual Check Fuel Sampler (VCFS)

Aircarft refueling  hoses

Fueling  Hoses
We  test and certify.
Good Year hoses

Fuel equipment-Recalibration and Recertification Services-Gauge tester

Calibration/Testing Equipment

Gauge Tester 
Hose Tester 
Master Gauge 
Master Meter 
Master Therm/Hydrometer 
Multi Gas Tester 
Re-Calibration Service 
Thickness Gauge 
Volumetric Prover 
Water Sump Float Tester

Closed Circuit Fuel Sampler

Product Id:

Specification The Visual Check
Fuel Sampler (VCFS) is a closed
 circuit fuel sampling system designed
to provide a safe, easy and convenient
method of carrying out the industry
standard Clear & Bright visual
examination of aviation fuel.
The vessel consists of a strong,
clear glass tube sandwiched between
a base and a hinged lid assembly.

Fuel equip.


     SWD-Shell water detector


It’s the aviation industry’s test system of
   choice, employed over 10 million times a
   year around the world. Using a syringe fitted
   with a Shell Water Detector capsule, it only
   takes a matter of moments to check the
   fuel at any stage of your delivery

   Shell water detector

   Shell water detector _Espanol
   Shell is a trademark of Shell Oil Compan

Fuel nozzles ( over wing and under wing)

OPW refueling nozzles.
Overwing nozzles for
AV-Gas  nozzle and Jet Fuel nozzle


Velcon aviation fuel filters. Jet fuel filtration.

Filter Elements
Product Id: 11221

Velcon Filters manufactures a range of vessels to remove solids, water and surfactants from jet fuel. Normal practice is to have filtration systems handle fuel into and out of tank storage. Velcon´s products are at major airports on all continents and customers include major international oil companies, airlines, and airport operators. We carry the Latest Edition Elements. 5th Edition IP/API Other Manufacturers we carry are Facet Filters, Raycor

Youtube video Aviation Fuel filters from Velcon

F-145 Meggitt underwing nozzle . PDF
F-145 Meggitt with and w/o regulator

The F-145 underwing fuel nozzle form Meggitt ( Whittaker)


Hydrant Fueling Systems

Dry Breaks 
Filter Vessels 
Flange Insulation Kits (Pipe Insulators) 
High Performance Butterfly Valves 
Hydrant Valves 
Link Seals 
Pipe & Fittings 
Pipe Line Coating & Accessories 
Pressure Gauges & Accessories 
Pressure Relief Valves 
Spill Equipment 
Strainers (All Types) 
Surge Suppressors 
Valves (All Types)
Fueling Truck Equipment

Additive Injectors
Deadman Controls
Dry Breaks
Fuel Additives
Hoses (All Types)
Jet Level Sensor
Motors-Explosion Proof
Nozzles Overwing
Overfill Equipment
Pressure Gauges & Accessories
Pumps (All Types)

We could ship many items on
the same  day you order.

Millipore_Membrane testing

Millipore_Membrane testing

Contact us for outdated or discontinued instruments and equipment that need expert advice for conversion, replacement or exchange to a new brand or model.   We welcome your problems and we will offer our expert advice step by step until your jet fuel equipment problem is solved. You may also look us up under:
 Into-Plane fueling equipment. Into-Plane fueling.