Aircraft Refueling Hose Tester
. Fueling Hose.

Refueling hose



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Aircraft Fueling Hose Tester. Jet Fuel Quality Control Material


Aircraft refueling - Jet fuel quality control


Aircraft Fueling Hose Tester. Fueling Hose. Refueling hose


The tester  is of non-ferrous construction, designed for periodic testing of jet refueling hose, using jet fuel for pressurizing.

The unit consists of a 10 U.S. gallon (38 liters) aluminum tank  equipped with a vented fill cap, hand pump, 0-1000 psi 41/2" face pressure gauge, quick disconnect , six feet of '/4" hose to connect to the tester.
  Hose is supplied with tester.


Hose Tester

Product Id: 11494

AIRCRAFT FUELING HOSE TESTER This tester is designed to perform integrity tests on hose assemblies used in the refueling of aircraft. A thorough inspection of the hose should be done before testing, and if any significant flaw is found, the test should not be run. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the couplings are still secure and that no physical flaw exists that cannot be seen on a physical inspection. Air MUST NOT BE PRESENT in the system or else, in the event of a failure of the hose or a fitting, the trapped air will cause an explosive release carrying particles at high speed as it expands.


          Hose Test Procedure upon request
 Aircraft Fueling Hose Tester. Fueling Hose. Refueling hose


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Aircraft Fueling Hose Tester. Fueling Hose. Refueling hose

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Aircraft refueling Hose Tester Fueling Hose. Refueling hose