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Gauge testers. Jet Fuel Quality Control Material


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Gauge testers,Jet Fuel Quality Control,Jet fuel

Gauge testers


Gauge Tester

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The quickest and most economical way to perform pneumatic field calibrations on pressure transmitters, switches or gauges using an external pressure calibrator as the reference Calibrate pressure instrumentation to 300 psi with air using the included pressure gauge Portable, hand operated pump easily generates 300-1000 psi without electricity or compressed air Light, compact pump can be easily transported to remote locations Fine adjustment piston allows the user to achieve an exact pressure for cardinal point pressure calibrations Precisely vent pressure with soft seated bleed valve Quick-disconnect gauge adapter allows changing test gauges without using a wrench Low volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to pump without thread sealant or a wrench Rugged, all metal construction improves temperature and pressure stability Made in U.S.A.

Aircraft refueler hose tester
Aircraft refueler hose tester

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Jet fuel equipment for refineries, fuel terminals and airports. Jet fuel equipment advisors.
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Gauge testers

Jet Fuel Quality Control,Jet fuel.