Jet Fuel Additive. Prist Hi-Flash Anti-icing additive. Stadis 450

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Jet Fuel Additive. Prist Hi-Flash Anti-icing additive. Stadis 450


Fuel System Icing Inhibitor

Anti-icing aviation fuel additive


   Jet fuel. JP-8 icing inhibitor. JP-5 Prist Hi-Flash Anti-icing additive. Jet fuel System Icing Inhibitor. Prist
You may inquire about the Additive System Injector



Prist icing inhibitor

In 20 oz cans. 5 Gallons pails and 55 gal drums.


               Fuel Additivies
Jet Fuel Anti-icing Additive

Trust The Original - Prist brand anti-icing additive is the original and first product used for fuel anti-icing. No other competitive product has the history or length of trial experience in the field. Why take a chance? Insist on Prist  brand anti-icing additive.
Prist  Hi-Flash--  Hi-Flo,  Anti-Icing Fuel Additive: The Original Just Got Better
 Prist -- Hi-Flash- Hi-Flo  aerosol cans are now available with a redesigned trigger dispensing system that makes them easier and safer to use. The safety trigger gives the user control of additive flow with instant on and off dispensing. Now the trigger dispensing system comes pre-mounted on the can which eliminates leaks at the valve connection. This means less waste, no drips and no spills. Prist  anti-icing fuel additive comes in a wide range of packaging, making it easy to choose the amount of product and dispensing method for your application. The sizes include: 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, 20-once and 8-ounce aerosol cans.

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    Prist Hi-Flash
         Prist Hi-Flash Anti-icing additive

You may inquire about the Additive System Injector

Prist Hi-Flash           
Prist jet fuel icing inhibitor

Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive

               Stadis 450

STADIS 450                         

The purpose of an antioxidant additive is to extend the induction period and control gum formation by terminating the free radical chain reactions involved in hydrocarbon oxidation. The antioxidant selection and concentration levels depend on various factors, including storage conditions and petroleum fuel composition...

Stadis 450

Fuel Conductivity Improver
Stadis® 450: Non-metallic, low viscosity, amber liquid conductivity improver. Sp. Gr. 0.92. USE: Improves
conductivity to reduce electrostatic hazards during transfer of distillate and jet fuels and solvents, without
affecting fuel stability or water contact properties. Complete worldwide approval for jet fuels.
CONC.: 0.1-1.0 ptb (0.3-3.0 mg/L). CONTAINERS: 35 lb pails, 55-gal. (410 lb) steel drums, T/T, Totes.



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Jet Fuel Additive. Prist Hi-Flash Anti-icing additive. Stadis 450

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